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The dementia my husband has causes him to make sexual advances toward others -- and it is turning me off from wanting to be his caregiver. What should I do?

We Answered...

You can either let it get to you or you can slowly learn to sort of float above it. Tune it out, divert, correct, and then try your best to laugh at the craziness of life. This may come over time after you have gotten used to his bizarre behavior and learned how to manage it. Read More

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My nieces constantly prey on their grandmother for her for money. Can you help?

We Answered...

This situation can only be resolved by bringing it out in the open, so be prepared for the possibility of rough waters ahead. Do not trash your nieces to your mom or make the discussion confrontational. Just present the facts. Maybe she just does not realize how much is going out and what that means over time. Read More


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