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Many elderly people maintain their independence, mobility and dignity through driving Read more »

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Boosting spending to deliver meals at home drops the numbers unnecessarily in nursing homes Read more »

White House to revise policy on Medicare payments to home health care, others Read more »

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Families, doctors could be working together to determine if and when age-related health problems are bad enough to impair driving Read more »


Scientists found that children were at about half the risk of injury in an accident when their grandparents were driving than when their parents were Read more »


An investigation in 2010 by The Seattle Times found that some referral services referred seniors to assisted living facilities or other residences with documented histories of substandard care because they were being paid commission by the questionable facilities. Read more »


Full-time travel in an R.V. has become a popular lifestyle for independent-minded seniors. But age takes its toll, and there comes a time when even the hardiest have to think about parking the R.V. for good. Read more »

Research increasingly suggests that men and women experience grief in different ways, and the realization has bolstered a nascent movement of bereavement groups geared to men. Read more »


Most of us fight the tide of who we really are, striving instead to be who we feel we are supposed to be. We act a certain way, try to please others, put on fronts, and more, but it's only when we stop fighting that we find our inner peace. Read more »

Judith Kertzner used a senior move manager in relocating to a town house from a five-bedroom Dutch colonial. “I had 55 years of memories in my old house,” she said. Read more »

One fourth of the adult children surveyed would like to see their parents limit their driving; others wish their parents would stop driving altogether. Read more »

With accident rates for drivers over the age of 65 higher than any other group, except teens, this large increase in senior drivers could cause up to 100,000 senior driving deaths between 2008 and 2028. Read more »

Walter Brown never wanted to live in a nursing home, but when he had a stroke two years ago, he saw little choice. Mr. Brown, 72, could not walk, ... Read more »

If the parent, spouse, or other person you’re caring for is eligible for Medicaid, its Cash and Counseling program, available in some states, can provide direct payments that could go to you. Read more »
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